vineri, 26 iulie 2013

duminică, 6 februarie 2011

Beauty of nature


Quiet morning 1
Quiet morning 2

Silence before

Dripping forest

Cry me a river

Escaping place


Chassing the sun
Fall asleep

At dusk

Whisper in the dusk

Above & below

Shy sun

June sunset

Wired sunset

marți, 30 noiembrie 2010

Game over

Story in 6 acts

An imaginary story,
made with frameworks of different times and places,
but some of you will probably find in it...


Remind me...

The struggle

The memory

The Bluff

Game over...

Log: Moments and people in my way

An ordinary day...
for some kids of these days

Parallel lifes
and nothing more...

Return of the prodigal son
There are young people that leave home
in hopes of fame and glory,
some goes lost... others find their way home

Passengers through life...
some are statues...
some grow old...
others just invisible

Hostile times
bad weather is the mirror the human soul

King Nothing
a mountain, a tree and a man...
what else is out there?

Escaping from myself